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Websites - any type you need

  • Websites for any travel related businesses
  • From one page SPA’s to complex multi domain websites
  • B2C, agents portals, intranets
  • Micro sites for a brand or an event,
  • One location one login management platform for all your business needs
  • All SEO friendly with SEO management platform included

There is no website we cannot create.

Mobile/desktop, product and brand microsites, campaign landing websites with social media competition mechanisms for engagement with your audience. Our CMS (Content Management System) offers one-login, one-panel simplified maintenance and the time efficient solution.
We know, the reality is that the brand new shiny web system must work in a certain environment. It means you/we need to prioritise to create a business focused, user-friendly and flexible platform that is time efficient on the admin side and has a low maintenance costs.

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    Two challenges when you decide to develop or re-develop your website.

    1. Manage your expectation (correlate your budget with the tasks that you are going to put on the website front and check if they are realistic). You can order website for £199+VAT from us but do not expect from this website this same level of functionality or engagement that you can get for £16000+VAT.
    2. Order only websites and systems that are optimised for your business. No matter if this is stand alone website with no backend and booking system or complex business admin web solution. Make sure what you ordered from the web company is helping you save time and does not produce an unjustified level of work for the team. The last thing you want is to find yourself struggling to work the system you just purchased for thousands of pounds.

    The main keys to our websites/CMS success are:

    - The speed of development - we did not have a website in design and development process for longer than three months for a long time
    - Flexibility and connectivity - our websites can connect with any software out there wich creates a connection with the outside world. Our systems power anything from simple website to huge multitasking platforms. This flexibility allows companies to expand their operations without changing website. All you need under one bonnet.

    - Online marketing focus in CMS with a default SEO friendly setups and online marketing management tools.
    - Business and technical security - as we take business security very seriously ourselves we developed several layers of security for our systems these are valid for technical security as well as business security.


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