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Analyse and create architecture

  • Existing Data Analysis (Business & Web)
  • Market Background Positioning Analysis
  • Business setup analysis
  • Composition of budget and project schedules
  • Project architecture propositions
  • Projects and Software Architecture Specification

Analysis of data for web system architecture

is the trickiest part of the entire web project evaluation process. You need to make sure your functionality is there, but perhaps you don't have enough time to analyse all scenarios including the company's expansion strategy.

This is why getting the balance right is necessary:
Analyse all aspects of business - create full architecture as known at the time of the analysis - decide about priorities - create a structural roadmap for phased release

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    There are two significant subsections in this step.

    1) Analysis of the data available at the beginning of the project.

    This might be done in-house by a specialist within an organisation requesting web system. Or, this could be done in the process of creating paperwork for an invitation to tender for particular web solution. In a different scenario (with no tender), this could be put together by your chosen provider.


    2) The system architecture is initially created based on your internal operations.

    We may have complex systems that are not used efficiently due to insufficient manpower to process data. Business settings may also limit the functionality of system or require extra elements to be developed that would not be otherwise created. It is an important money saving and business optimisation step in the process of web system implementation.

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