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(Implementation, Tracking, Data gathering and Evaluation)

  • Implementation roadmaps
  • Step by step guides to particular procedures
  • On site staff training
  • High alert release support
  • Live server and activity monitoring
  • Search Engines URL management

Knowledge-based management.

We say: "When web project implementation is done the hard work starts". Depending on the state of your up to date web infrastructure we check your setup and apply techniques that allow to perform switchovers with no downtime and release procedure that fits your organisation the most. These types of releases (fast, slow, staged and soft) require a different approach to performance monitoring and evaluation of your project success. The longer term operational and ROI analysis with team and web user behaviour verification can lead to UX design adjustments.

Resource Centre

    Real data based adjustments should be part of the evaluation process that is leading to the fully functional setup. With the new project implementation, there is always an opportunity to upgrade your core infrastructure. Audits and assessments can be done to create a pathway for upgrades in these core areas. If website’s health allows implementation should take place to remove any known technical, operational and bottlenecks.

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