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Development - Building structures

  • Business priority driven development
  • Custom, clutter free interfaces
  • Modular design implementation
  • Closed source security focused platform
  • Department focused bespoke reporting
  • Data feedback based improvements
  • Dynamic and staged implementation for functionality management

Front end structures, admin & reporting systems development.

This is the most important part of the project from the infrastructure setup point of view. It could be compared to building and fitting an engine for a car. Flexibility, connectivity and performance decide what in the future you will be able to do on your system and what new you can offer to your customers without paying for website/system redevelopment.

Resource Centre

    A very clear split between the design phase and the development phase of the front end interface production allows everyone involved in the project to concentrate on the functional elements when necessary. Defining through writing in the system detailed rules that govern availability, pricing and flexibility of your offer is the key target of this stage.

    As you can not predict everything, we can incorporate Kaizen approach of continuous improvement. It is exactly the principal of our system platform improvement process. The process is similar to the one used in operating system improvements or security software on your device. This development philosophy can be incorporated into your project if you deal with a dynamic marketplace or functionality (for many different reasons) can not be implemented from the beginning. At this point, we suggest development plan within created from the start roadmap. This development plan will preset some stages within project's plan and can allow for phased release of the system and its different capabilities and functionalities. For the majority of companies, this is the most efficient and clear development process that also allows for smooth adoption of the system and the new functionalities.

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