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CRM Customer Relationship Management System

The most flexible CRM for travel companies

  • Customise your dashboard to show the most desirable data
  • Get alerts and action remainders
  • Functionality within interface crafted to your needs
  • User Specific functionality and Group of users specific functionality
  • Competitive simple pricing structure

With modern dedicated cloud based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system you can increase productivity of your operational, marketing, sales and admin teams

giving them tool that is capeable of gathering all bits of fragmented data into transparent communication channel.

Customer Management Relationship system is the database of all customers and their interactions with your company presented through the custom interface which allows to interact with this database (create bookings, enquiery procedures etc.) and create reports on all necessary activities to achieve business objectives of the company.

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    CRM should provide opportunity to integrate with other business tools used in the company. The elements you will be looking for in the software relate to custom created interface to suite your needs. Our target is to provide as simple system as possible from usage point of view and as advanced as possible from operational perspective. The system can expand and adopt to your operations. This increases productivity in the initial stage when your company is adopting system and team members are not yet familiar with the system.

    This approach allows us to create very functional and affordable software with prices for custom CRM systems starting from as low as £3000+VAT

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