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Full implementation of the latest web travel platform from Absowebly®:

  • Full modern website for B2C bookings (full mobile).
  • Agents Portal for B2B models.
  • Advanced ROI and supplier chain management system.
  • Custom packages and product management module

When your website works,
it's difficult to make a change
- but there is a chance you are already missing out on opportunities.

Nowadays two year old software is the equivalent to a decade old offline operation, over four years on your software's clock means you are running generations old operations. The technology has changed. The web took over and now all operations can be, or even should be, run by web based systems which are improved when needed - not just when the new version becomes available.

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    Introducing new ways of dealing with operations and utilising brand new technology can create the difference in an organisation's sales processes; allowing more business flexibility in booking processing and trade partners cooperation!

    The time of black screens and stand-alone applications is over - your website should incorporate all operations and become a modern portal for all types of business activities where data transfer and analysis is involved.

    It is no longer the software creator who decides with whom and how you integrate. They are here to help you, not to dictate what you can or can not do. If you need integration with Viator's API but you do not want to have Expedia's it is your choice. Whatever configuration of your business setup is we will follow your lead - you are in charge in this area.

    Since 1997, websites have become an important addition to the company operations. First they were all about brochures; the next step was related to online shopping activities that were introduced after the .com bubble burst in 2000-01. This move followed to make sure revenue is created within the new cheap to maintain sales channel.
    Some companies adopted these e-commerce capabilities very early, getting the most of the early adoption they conquered market quickly. Unfortunately this success in some cases resulted in a slower pace of adoption in the latest technology which is available for a couple of years now.
    The opportunity could be missed if the technological advances in the web-based processes are not introduced in the company.
    In 2015, it is time for all businesses to stop looking into their websites as brochures separated from the rest of their operations. The website now is the business platform. The tool for your operations, sales, and company data processing.

    Start thinking the website is my business application.

    Talk to us about comprehensive web solution for your travel related business.


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